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Meet Dr. Kevin Allen

I was too young to lose my ability to work.

Dr. Allen profileMy wife and I were living in Kansas City where I had pursued my lifelong hobby, working with cars. I grew up rebuilding classic cars and truly enjoyed the challenge. I had received my ASE Master Mechanic license, completed technical college, and was employed with a Mazda dealership. I was not prepared for the endless days of holding my hands above my head, working on the engine hovering above me. I slowly began to lose feeling in my hands, and develop pain and stiffness in my shoulders that wouldn’t stop. The pain and numbness became debilitating, preventing me from performing my job duties. The anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxing medications gave me no lasting relief. I was only in my early 20’s…I felt was too young to be out of work due to disability.

The Gift of Health

Being unable to work as a mechanic, I made the decision to retire from mechanic work and pursue a “less painful” business degree. My wife and I moved back home and I enrolled in Emporia State University, enrolling in business classes. I was still burdened with shoulder pain and numbness, so I returned to see the chiropractor who had helped me with a back injury years before. My first exposure to the profession of chiropractic was during my football years in high school when I injured my back. My mom had taken me to her chiropractor and after several adjustments I was relieved of pain and released to play. I remembered the relief and gift of health I received from that Doctor of Chiropractic. I returned to see him and I began a regimen of chiropractic care for my shoulder and arm numbness. In 6 short weeks, a year of debilitating pain was gone.

Chiropractic Had Helped me When No One Else Could

I had often daydreamed as a kid how fascinating the chiropractic profession was, but had never considered applying to chiropractic college, until now. My enthusiasm for chiropractic was rekindled. I was hooked. Chiropractic had helped me when no one else could. I switched my classes the following semester to science courses, and prepared to apply to chiropractic college. My wife and I again moved to Kansas City where I enrolled in Cleveland Chiropractic College and my wife worked as a Bachelor degree registered nurse.

The Benefits of Chiropractic

Our first child was born during those years in school and we learned firsthand the benefits of chiropractic in pregnancy. We also experienced the amazing gift of chiropractic for a child from infancy on. Our son received his first chiropractic adjustment at the age of one week. Chiropractic continues to bless myself and my family as it has seen us through colic, growing pains, bulging discs, migraines, and countless day to day aches and pains. Chiropractic enables my family to naturally maintain a level of health and a quality of life we had never imagined.

Sharing the Chiropractic Gift

I take great joy in sharing the chiropractic gifts of relief and wellness with others. I love helping people find wellness through chiropractic. That is my motivation for going into my office every day.

I’m grateful that you have found our website, Thanks for visiting. I look forward to meeting you in person and learning how we may be of service to you. Give Andover Family Chiropractic call so we can help you take your first step towards better health.

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